The counterfactual direct argument
Linguistics and Philosophy forthcoming
Synopsis: a new principle about counterfactuals constrains their logic and meaning.

Free choice impossibility results
Journal of Philosophical Logic forthcoming
Synopsis: you can't validate Free Choice in a classical semantics.

A theory of conditional assertion
Journal of Philosophy forthcoming
Synopsis: a formal definition of conditional assertion.

Generalized update semantics
Mind 2019
Synopsis: dynamic semantics without tests.

Conditional heresies
coauthored with Fabrizio Cariani
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 2018
Synopsis: CEM and SDA are incompatible, or are they?

A stronger doctrine of double effect
coauthored with Ben Bronner
Australasian Journal of Philosophy 2017
Synopsis: the doctrine of double effect is insufficient.

Informative dynamic semantics
My dissertation
Rutgers University 2017
Synopsis: dynamic semantics without tests.

Triviality results for probabilistic modals
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 2017
Synopsis: a battery of impossibility results about epistemic modal belief. 

Believing epistemic contradictions
coauthored with Bob Beddor
The Review of Symbolic Logic 2017
Synopsis: a puzzle about epistemic modal belief, and a Lockean solution.

A preface paradox for intention
Philosophers' Imprint 2016 
Synopsis: intentions come in degrees.